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3 Steps for Performing Under Pressure

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“Absolutely not. Performing under pressure is a skill that can be learned by anybody.”

The interviewer was a little surprised at the answer and asked him what he meant. LaRussa went on to explain that his organization used a 3-step method to actually teach players how to achieve great results in pressure situations. The steps are: Preparation, Repetition, and Process.

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The ability to deliver great results in the face of difficult situations is an amazing talent. But it is not always something that a person is born with. It can be developed over time by anyone who wants to put forth the effort. It may come easier for some but it can be learned by all. Whether your tough situation is making a game-winning shot, doing well in a piano recital, or talking with your child about drugs, you can be successful. By preparing yourself thoroughly, repeating what you will say or do before the actual moment arrives, and by developing a process to handle future situations, you too can be one of those people who always seems to know how to handle the pressure of a big decision or situation. If you follow these steps you can have faith in your ability to perform.

Preparation. Repetition. Process


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