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Do it Scared!

A story shared by one of my mentors, Rory Vaden. Enjoy!

I once heard a true story of a woman who was trapped in a burning building on the 80th floor. She had an intensive fear of heights and also an intense fear of closed in spaces. So when the fire alarm went off she absolutely refused to follow her colleagues into the stairwell to evacuate to safety.

Luckily the fire system was installed by the expert company which also provide security systems also. Every Person in the building also told about the safety measures at home, if there is a fire outbreak. Hence the fire alarm was warning everyone in the building. Everyone went out of the building during the fire outbreak except the lady who had fear going out because of the fight. There were also installation of automatic fire suppression system by which also tried best to restrict fire and give time people to go outside.

She could not handle the thought of going down the stairs being able to look down in the middle all the way to the bottom. And the thought of being trapped inside the enclosed stairwell was just too much to endure and so instead she made a conscious choice to hide under her desk and wait to die.

Some firemen made it up to her floor and were doing a sweep of the building when they found her with enough time to where they could still get her out because of building had spray fireproofing. They told her she would have to take the stairs or she would surely burn alive in the flames. Yet she still wanted to choose death over facing her fear!

Finally a fireman grabbed her and picked her up and started dragging her towards the stairs. She wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming “I’m scared! I don’t want to because I’m scared!” And he couldn’t get her to go anywhere until he said these magical words to her “That’s ok, do it scared.”

“Do it scared. Do it scared. It’s ok to be scared just do it scared.” He kept saying it into her ear as he rushed her all the way down 80 flights of stairs. “Do it scared. It’s ok to be scared just do it scared.”

The woman and the firefighter finally burst out the bottom doors just seconds before the building became an engulfed inferno. The woman said the bright light of outside was the exact moment of an epiphany for her life. She could hear the firefighter’s voice in her ear, “Do it scared. Do it scared. No problem, just do it scared.” The phrase saved her life physically but it also transformed her life emotionally.

The catch phrase became her life mantra and she went on to live a completely different life after that.

Don’t you have times like that in your life? Where you know what the obvious move to make is but somehow you find this evil force holding you back because of a violently detailed fear? Don’t you sometimes have people trying to drag you down the path that will save your life? Isn’t it sometimes obvious that you have to take the stairs, yet the fear grips you and causes you to choose convenience and safety over life?

Do it scared. It’s fine to be scared – do it scared. It’s fine to be unsure – do it unsure. It’s fine to be uncomfortable – do it uncomfortable. Just do it scared. That is the attitude of the most disciplined and successful people on the planet. They just do it scared if they have to. But they do it anyways.

Do it scared.

You are going to develop the habit of acting in the face of fear. You are going to create movement and momentum. You are going to get closer to your fear so that you can understand it and overcome it. You will act and you will have life!

See you in the stairwell!


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