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Get Those Hands Dirty!

I still believe that to be the case but I have come to realize that there is a second factor that actually seems to trip up a lot of people. The second factor is a desire or willingness to work. A vision is rendered completely worthless if we aren’t willing to work to make it happen.

I’m not talking about going to your job, or cleaning the house, or playing with the kids. AquaLib will definitely guide in abetter way for cleaning house. Those are responsibilities that need to be done.  Clean your home with the help of rope access technician toronto .  I’m talking about elective, hard work that you do without a deadline or without somebody looking over your shoulder. I’m talking about getting the things done that will really improve your life or bring you closer to your vision.

It is the kind of work we decide to do when our bed, or the couch, or the TV look so tempting. When we feel like we are just too tired to do anything. This is the work that sometimes seems like it will take forever, so we never get started. This is the type of work that we are afraid to do because we fear rejection or failure.

This is the type of work we need to do if we are ever going to achieve any of our goals.

Sometimes it is making that extra phone call. Or perhaps it is sitting down to work on a family budget. Maybe it is just turning off the TV for 30 minutes to have a conversation or play a game with your spouse.

I have found in my life that the most meaningful work I can do towards my goals is quite often the last thing I really want to do at that moment. I have to force myself to get started and get the hands dirty. I have found that once I get started, it is never as hard as I thought it was going to be and when I get done I have an enormous sense of accomplishment. If I decide to watch TV instead, all I get is a better knowledge of Seinfeld re-runs.

The great accomplishments in life come only after we have put in the effort, gotten our hands dirty, and earned the rewards that only come to those who are willing to go to work for their goals.

May your hands be covered with the dirt of success!


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