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Hi, I'm Kris

You and I are probably

a lot alike.

Kris 1_edited.png

I am the father of 4 and I've had an awesome life. It hasn't always gone the way I've planned, but it has been a beautiful adventure. 

Years ago I realized that in spite of all I had accomplished, I wasn't fully happy because there was something else that I knew I had been put on this earth to do. It happened to be motivational speaking and life coaching (although nobody called it life coaching back then). I had been passionate about self improvement from the age of 18 and I knew that now I was supposed to help others.

The problem was that I didn't believe that I could be successful at it. I thought I could do it, but I didn't really believe that I could. So I would make steps in the right direction but then I would hit some kind of invisible wall and I would pull back. Later I realized that my own brain was the one creating that wall. My own brain wasn't letting me move forward with my life's dream.


How much does that stink?! 


My brain used tools like procrastination, self-limiting thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, self-consciousness, busyness and inadequacy to keep me from getting the results I wanted in life. I was only achieving what I believed I could achieve.

Then I discovered coaching. The thought of getting help from a life coach was against everything in my "do-it-yourself" mentality. But I was desperate so I jumped in. It changed my life! Coaching helped me become who I knew I was supposed to be and put myself out in the world in a new and authentic way. I knew immediately that I needed to help others overcome the same obstacles I had conquered. And I absolutely love doing it!

What I learned (and now teach people like you), helped me remove the obstacles in my head, reignite my passion, find my life's calling, and accelerate my results. It was like a catalyst for my entire life. 

I knew I needed to share it with people who struggled as I had.

Today I have the privilege of helping people accelerate their results in any aspect of life. My clients range from college students all the way to retirees. We work together to discover their dream life, identify the obstacles their brain is putting in their way, and then create the pathway to achieving that life. 

This is my life's calling.


I've known it since I was young.

I can't wait to help you find yours.

Let's do this!

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