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"Outstanding! As a company who hires many speakers each year, I can honestly say that Kris will be featured again in the future as one of our returning favorites. Everyone in attendance unanimously "heaped" compliments and kudos on our speaker, throughout the evening and into the following day. Kris's personal approach to leadership through storytelling and the sharing of personal experiences captivated the audience."

Kevin Allen

President/CEO Listen University

    There is nothing I love more than being on a stage and teaching people how they can create more happiness in their life. I believe it is why I was put on this earth.

    Whether speaking to an audience of business executives or an auditorium of teenagers, I bring engaging story-telling with real-world applications that produce results long after my speech ends.

  • Do you want to look good as an event planner? Hire me.

  • Do you want to close your event with a touching and powerful message? Hire me.

  • Do you want your people to be better after the conference? Hire me!

  • Do you want to change the culture in your organization? Hire me!


Most Requested Keynotes and Workshops

Happiness Is a Habit

     Humans are born happy. But somewhere along the way many people lose it. The great struggle of our day is the search to find happiness. In this presentation, Kris teaches that happiness is a habit like any other habit and can be developed by anyone in any circumstance. Kris shares the common habits of habitually happy people and how you can develop those habits in your life. This presentation comes with an optional book for audience members to take home. This keynote is a very well-rounded presentation for all groups. We all want to be more happy right?

Stand in the Gap

     The world right now is divided and divisive. Rather than coming together for common causes, we seem to be drifting farther apart, leaving gaps between us. These gaps show up in our communities, our businesses, and even our families. This presentation teaches people how to recognize these gaps and how destructive they can be. More importantly, it teaches people how they can be the heroes who step into these gaps to help close them and move us to a better place together. This can be taught as a keynote, half-day, or full-day workshop.

Stand in the Gap.png

Happiness Secrets Found In Poverty

     Why is it that people living in poverty in remote villages around the world are always very happy? In this presentation, Kris shares some of the amazing life lessons he has learned from serving "the poorest of the poor". Kris shares their secrets and how they apply to our search for happiness in a modern, technology-driven world. This keynote is perfect for a 1-2 hour presentation filled with inspiration.


     Discover why you are the way you are and how to become better. Every one of us is carrying around a self-portrait or self-image. That internal portrait dictates how we act, how we feel, and ultimately how successful we are in life. Luckily, you hold the paintbrush! So you can change your self-image and that of the people around you. This presentation comes with a book for audience members to take home. This keynote is great for parents, teens, or a group who may be struggling with self-esteem issues or labeling. It has an anti-bullying message.

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