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A Life Lesson from a 5-Year Old

This morning while I was making my lunch, my son came in to tell me about a story he learned at school. It was the famous story by Aesop of the Tortoise and the Hare. The conversation went like this:

5-year old: Dad, do you know a kind of rabbit called a hare?

Me: Yep.

5-year old: And you know how sometimes turtles are called tortoises?

Me: Yep

5-year old: Did you know that one time they had a race?

Me: Really? What happened?

5-year old: The hare was really fast and he knew he would win so he decided to take a nap. An Tom the Tortoise was slow but he didn’t stop. He just kept going. Then when the hare woke up he was losing so he tried to catch up to Tom the Tortoise but he didn’t make it in time and Tom the Tortoise won the race.

Me: That’s cool. What do you think the lesson is in that story?

5-year old: Don’t stop to sleep during the race.

Me: That’s right. Did you know the race is kind of like life? Sometimes we think we are doing really good so we decide to stop and rest. But when we rest do we go anywhere or do we get left behind?

5-year old: Actually dad, it seems like if you are resting you are just moving backwards.

Me: Wow, thanks buddy. You just taught me something really important.

5-year old: Can you turn on Phineas and Ferb for me? What a great lesson to learn! If you stop to rest or take a nap, you aren’t just stopping…you are moving backwards. In the race of life, we have to progress a little bit every day. When we stop focusing on our personal progress, we stop. But we don’t get to put life on pause. Life keeps moving on and therefore our lack of forward motion gradually leaves us more and more behind.

Challenge: Make a goal to be better today than you were yesterday. Not in every aspect, but in at least one. Start a new book, practice your piano, write out some goals, etc. Do something! We don’t need to jump forward in leaps and bounds like the hare but in a gradual and steady way like Tom the Tortoise.

See you on the race course!


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