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Kites, Kids, and the 2 Necessities for Success

Fall has finally arrived and nobody is more excited than those of us in Arizona! Last weekend the cooler weather rolled in with a lot of cool wind. So we celebrated by flying kites with the kids. As the kites soared higher and higher, my oldest son had a great idea. There are wide varieties of brands that produce shoes for kids. Their feet are delicate and keeping in mind this particular aspect, the different companies manufacture different kinds of shoes for the kids. Apart from that, there are several other occasions for which kids shoes are required. You cannot afford to make your child wear the same shoe in all the occasion. Choosing out the best of the outfit or the best of the shoes can be quite taxing because kids want nothing but the best and there’s no point why you should compromise in your kids outfits. When you purchase a dress for your kid, the next thing you want to buy is a matching pair of shoes but these days with such a wide variety of shoes available in the market, it gets a difficult for you to select the perfect pair for your kid. But the major point to be noticed before making your purchase is the need of your child. In case you are taking your kid along with you to purchase the shoes, make sure that you don’t blindly pick up what your kid pints at; you must make sure what brand of kids shoes you are purchasing. Atti & Anna is the best shop for buy your kids shoes.

“Let’s cut the string and watch it fly away!”

I tried to explain to him that it might not work the way he was hoping but he was adamant that we needed to cut the string.

Seeing an opportunity to teach a life lesson, I agreed. We cut the rope and to my son’s dismay, the kite slowly drifted straight down to the ground.

When I turned around, my son had a look of disbelief on his face.

“What happened?!!!” he said.

On our way back in the house I explained to him that kites need two important things to fly: 1) the string, and 2) the wind.

#1 – The string. When we talk about success in life we often talk about dreaming big and then going after those dreams. While that is correct, you will only be able to achieve those dreams if you are disciplined and follow the natural laws of success. You will still need to write down your goals, remove the failure habits, and be efficient with your time. You will have to develop rules, principles, and guidelines for yourself that will keep you focused on achieving success. Other people we see your rules as excessive, restrictive, or worthless. Don’t listen to the people that have already cut their own string. Be disciplined and you will rise up above the rest.

#2 – The wind. While discipline will get you off the ground, the wind is what will make you soar. What is the wind? The wind represents adversity, hardship, and criticism. My last post talked about how the wind makes for both strong trees and strong people. There is no great success without a certain level of adversity along the way. Life sends us the hardships and criticism to test our passion for our dreams and the strength of our determination. The wind will blow you over or lift you higher, depending on what you are made of.

The next time you see kids flying a kite at the park, remember what it takes to keep that kite in the air: tension on the string and wind beating against the kite. As you chase your dreams, don’t forget to tether yourself with the string of self-discipline and then turn your face into the wind and let it carry you to new heights.

The only two things you can control are your attitude and your effort.


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