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Motivated Monday – Hoe to the End of the Row

Hoeing the Row

Today’s Motivated Monday poem is all about work and giving a little bit more effort than what is required. In his book 212 Degrees, Mac Anderson talks about how at 211 degrees, water is very hot but at 212 degrees water boils and makes steam…and steam can power a locomotive.

Most times the difference between good and great is just a little extra effort. The difference between first and second place may be less than a second. So when you read this poem, think about how that extra effort can translate into bigger success.



Hoe to the End of the Row!

Bill Brown made a million, Bill Brown, think of that. That boy you remember, As poor as a rat.

He hoed for the neighbors, Did jobs by the day. And Bill made a million, Or near it they say.

He worked for my father, You’ll maybe recall. He wasn’t a wonder, Not that, not at all.

He couldn’t out-hoe me, Or cover more ground, Or hoe any faster, Or beat me around.

In fact, I was better In one way that I know. One toot from the kitchen And home I would go.

But Bill Brown always hoed To the end of the row.

We used to get hungry Out there in the corn. You talk about music, What equals a horn?

A horn yellin’ dinner, And tomatoes and beans, And pork and potatoes, And gravy and greens.

I ain’t blamin’ no one For quittin’ on time. To quit with the whistle, That ain’t any crime.

But as for the million, Well, this much I know. Bill Brown always hoed To the end of the row.

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