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The Success Auction: How Much Would You Pay?

auction 3

“Bidding will start at $100 for this next item. Do I hear $100?”

A number of hands rose up and the auction was under way. The bidding started off in a frenzy as everybody looked to get the object for a low price.

“$150, thank you sir. $200 to the lady in the yellow hat. $250? Yes, thank you young man.”

The price climbed steadily higher and higher. As the price rose it started to eliminate the people who decided they didn’t want to pay that much to win.

Within minutes the auctioneer found that he had to work much harder to get bidders.

“The bid is at $1100, do I hear $1100? It is a bargain at this price ladies and gentlemen. Thank you madam!”

“$1200 then. Do I hear $1200 for this incredible piece? $1200 going once, twice, sold! Going to the lady in the back for $1100. Thank you!”

It appeared that the bidding had whittled the crowd down to just one person who wanted to pay that price in order to win the object.

Success is an Auction

Whatever you determine success to be for your life, attaining it will require some kind of sacrifice; whether it be time, money, focus, etc. Nothing worthwhile in this world is created without some kind of personal sacrifice.

Auction 2

That is why relatively few people ever achieve what they consider “success.” The sacrifice required is often times more than they are willing to give. You can have these conducted with the help of a good sweepstakes administration.

It is like the auction. Every one will sacrifice a little in order to obtain the goal. Hands go up everywhere. But as the price steepens and the investment begins to hurt a little more, 90% of the bidders walk away. They aren’t willing to pay the price to succeed. It isn’t that they don’t want to win, it is just that they don’t want it at the price required to have it. In the end you are left with the few who would go to great lengths and short-term sacrifice in order to gain long-term success.

What is the cost of success?

The cost of success is not something that could ever be quantified and is different for everyone. But let me give some situations that tend to be a stumbling block for many people:

  1. If your personal success required you to spend 1 hour a day reading a non-fiction book, would you do it?

  2. If success meant leaving a comfortable job with no growth for a lower paying job with a lot of potential to grow, would you do it?

  3. If success meant you had to give up chocolate, or alcohol, or the internet, would you do it?

  4. If success meant spending at least 1 uninterrupted hour with your children or spouse every day, would you give up something else in order to free up that time?

  5. If success meant you had to give up something you enjoyed in order to save an extra $100 a month, would you do it?

Obviously there are millions of examples depending on what you want for your life and what you consider success. Your success story will be different from everyone else you meet, and your cost to achieve it will be different also. Just don’t be one of the people who comes to the auction, throws down an easy bid and then walks away as soon as it hurts a little.

Action Item

Think about what you would consider an ideal and successful life. What are your major goals for your existence here on earth? You have to define your journey or destination.

21 Days to Greater Success!

Define your life vision and get to work!

(If you need some help working on your vision and journey to success, check out The 3-Week Miracle: 21 Days to Greater Happiness, Confidence and Success)

Once you have defined it, decide what you would need to do to get closer to it. What would you need to start doing? What would you need to stop doing? After determining the cost or sacrifice, be willing to jump in and bid. Don’t be afraid of the sacrifice, it will pay huge dividends in the end.

I hope you will be willing to keep bidding on your success when all others have walked away.


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