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                            “Discipline is a choice. Its simply consistently choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.”

I love this quote from Rory Vaden, author of the book Take the Stairs. What a great description of discipline. Becoming disciplined is not easy and it doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It is slowly developed over time and requires consistency.

     When I think about discipline, I automatically think about some of the diets I have attempted. I can easily choose the carrots over the candy bar for a few days but it seems like after a week I am off the wagon and pounding breakfast burritos. No consistency. Diet Discipline comes from consistently choosing the hard healthy (carrots) over the easy junk food (candy bar).

     The diet analogy is applicable to just about anything we attempt in life. It doesn’t matter how good we are for a week. It matters how good we will be each day for a lifetime. Repetition leads to discipline. Discipline leads to success. All great achievers are incredibly disciplined. They weren’t born that way, but they have become that way.

     I’m pretty sure that early on, there were days where Michael Phelps didn’t want to get out of bed to go swim laps. He probably ditched some days or at least gave his mom a hard time about making him go. But the more he worked at it, he realized that to produce the results he wanted, he had to be disciplined. He had to learn force himself to leave the comfort of his bed and go get in the water.

     When we strike out into something new or strive to achieve some great goal, we start the process of developing our discipline. If we can focus and work every day, our efforts will become easier and easier and we will move closer and closer to our goal. Our level of discipline will determine our level of success.

Choose the hard right, avoid the easy wrong, enjoy the lasting benefits of a disciplined life.

– Kris

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