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Happy Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day!

Mother's Under-Appreciation Day

Wasn’t yesterday a great day? Mother’s Day is such a wonderful holiday because there is nobody who deserves a special day more than mom. They have more influence on how we turn out as adults than any other person we encounter as a child. They love us for who we are more than anybody else. Moms are special.

And that’s why, across the country, millions of dollars were spent on flowers, cards, chocolates and jewelry. At our house the boys and I made breakfast and gave my wife the gifts we had made. Later I tried my best to make a delicious dinner (although this morning my stomach is telling me I may have given us food poisoning). Sorry honey!

So what happens now?

Well, today is “Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day”. It’s the day where moms continue doing what they have always done. They get back to work. They resume their daily job as the teacher, counselor, maid, chauffeur, provider, chef, tailor, and child psychologist all wrapped into one. They do it thanklessly and without complaining. They wait quietly for 364 more days until they get to be recognized again for all that they do. How often do our young people see their mom washing their clothes or cooking their dinner and walk by without saying thank you or even acknowledging her effort? How many husbands do this to their wives? It happens all of the time.

I know I am guilty of it.

On Mother’s Day I counted 147 Facebook updates in my feed where someone referenced appreciation for their mother or wife. Today I have counted 3, and 2 of them apologized for not saying it on Mother’s Day. That is why today is “Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day”. It starts today and goes until next May. It is that period of time where we don’t stop appreciating our mothers and wives, we just stop telling them as often.

That’s partly why moms are a miracle. The fact that anybody would do so much for us while asking so little in return is just incredible to me. They put many parts of their life on hold for 20-30 years so that their children can be provided for physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here at h-t you will find a lot of information.


A certain woman was heard to say as she observed a manly young man: “I would give twenty years of my life to have such a son.” And the mother of the young man was heard to say: “That’s what I have given – twenty years of my life to have such a son.”

And that is what a mother will give. She will give everything. I tell the youth I work with that there are not many people in this world who would give their life for you without question, but your mother is one.

I echo the words of Abraham Lincoln who said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.”

I hope that we can all help our moms know how much we appreciate them every day. I’ll leave you with a poem I found this weekend.


The bravest battle that ever was fought! Shall I tell you where and when? On the maps of the world you will find it not; ‘Twas fought by the mothers of men.

Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot, With a sword or noble pen; Nay, not with eloquent words or thought From mouth of wonderful men!

But deep in a walled-up woman’s heart — Of a woman that would not yield, But bravely, silently bore her part — Lo, there is the battlefield!

No marshaling troops, no bivouac song, No banner to gleam and wave; But oh! those battles, they last so long — From babyhood to the grave.

I hope we can all take the time as often as possible to thank the women in our lives for all that they do to love and support us.


If you enjoyed this post, please pass it along to your mom, wife or other special lady to brighten their “Mother’s Under-Appreciation Day.”

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