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It’s the 4th Quarter!

4th quarter scoreboard

Well have no fear, there is still time to do great things! Did you know that on average 40% of the points scored in an NFL game come in the 4th quarter? That doesn’t make sense does it? If every player is a professional and giving a 100% effort from the start to the finish of a game, the breakdown should be 25% of the points in each of the four quarters.

But something happens in those final minutes of the game. The players and coaches have something in reserve; an extra effort. Like an instinct that takes over where they are able to perform at a higher level than normal. The game just kicks into overdrive as the final minutes tick away.

Have you ever experienced that? I know I have. Usually it is because I procrastinated something until the last minute. When I am given a long list of tasks to accomplish in 2 weeks, it seems like I have just enough time to do it. But somehow if I’m given the same tasks with two days to do them, I’m always able to get it done as well. I remember a quote that says our capacity to complete a task increases as the amount of time we have to complete it decreases.

I wouldn’t say that we magically have an increase in ability at the last minute. I would say that we always have the ability to do it but our ability and intensity are magnified when time is short. In other words, we rise to the occasion.

I guess one of the secrets to success would be to find out how to go about every task or goal as if it were due tomorrow; as if it were the fourth quarter. Any energy we have left when the game ends is wasted.

This is the 4th quarter! The last chance to finish the year off with a bang. There is still time to renew your goals and accomplish great things in the final minutes of 2012. Finish strong an be victorious!

– Kris

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