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Questions That Leaders Ask Themselves

Great insights into leadership from Tim Milburn. Questions we could all ask ourselves every morning.



Lifelong leaders make choices everyday. Here are twelve of them.

Will you make a plan and follow it or make a plan and forget it?

Will you simplify the complicated or complicate the simple?

Will you make your own opportunities or wait for someone else to make opportunities for you?

Will you create your own definition of success or allow someone else to define success for you?

Will you attempt to control what’s controllable or attempt to control what’s uncontrollable?

Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Will you make a better decision or make a worse decision?

Will you choose a positive attitude or a negative attitude?

Will you push for through discomfort or push for comfort?

Will you face your fears or avoid your fears?

Will you utilize your potential or waste your potential?

Will you finish what you start or start something and not finish?

Lifelong leaders will find ways to do more of the first part of each question and less of the second part.

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