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Laser Guided

We’ve all heard the instructions for shooting a gun: “Ready, Aim, Fire!”

Many life coaches or motivational speakers will teach people that the road to success is all about getting ready, aiming at your goal, and then going straight for it.

The problem is, they are wrong.

Life doesn’t work that way and neither does the pursuit of success or happiness.

Life works a lot more like a laser-guided missile where it is fired towards a target and then it is constantly re-aiming and adjusting its path around obstacles until it hits the target.

Yes, it is important to be prepared and it is important to have your goal in your sight, but rarely is that path a direct line without any setbacks. Constant adjusting and course correcting are needed when obstacles arise in order to achieve your goals.

When working towards your goals, or “targets”, in life remember that it is more like “Ready, Fire, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim…”

  1. Prepare yourself as much as possible,

  2. Know what you want to accomplish

  3. Go for it. Just get started and do it!

  4. Be prepared to change your plan or course if needed to hit your target.

As you journey towards your goal you will find that you need to keep aiming and adjusting your angle over and over again. But if you stay with it, you will hit your target, maybe not immediately but definitely.



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