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The Golf Ball Principle

Did you know that the dimples in golf balls make them travel almost twice as far as a smooth ball? That seems backwards to me. I would have thought that a smooth ball would have less wind resistance and therefore travel farther. But it turns out these little divots and what seem like imperfections in the smooth surface help a ball get maximum distance and direction. Not only are these dimples specific to the golf ball brand, if each dimple was just one thousandth of an inch more shallow, it would produce a radical change to the ball’s trajectory and how far it could fly. The dings and imperfections are an important part of the design.

I can’t help but wonder if humans were designed so that our flaws are part of what make us able to go farther. Maybe all of those imperfections, weaknesses, mistakes, and dings are actually the things carry us the greatest distance in life. Maybe our divots are specific to us and if they were any less deep, the distance we could fly would decrease.

So maybe we should look at our dings and divots with a little more gratitude. Rather than seeing them as something holding us back, maybe we should be grateful for how far they will let us fly.


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