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You Were Born for This!

Born for This

Why are you here? Have you ever stopped to wonder?

Some would have you believe that you are merely here because of a reaction between two complex molecules. They would have you believe that there is no purpose to your life other than to procreate and advance the species. You are not special. You are nothing more than a random mixture of DNA.

Born DNA

They will tell you that the world is made up of only greed, selfishness, and misery. They will tell you it is okay to become cynical, negative, and depressed because that’s how life is. They will be angry with envy when you succeed. They will be content and self-congratulating when you are down. They will never stop criticizing everything else because “life’s not fair.”

They will tell you that your biggest dreams are foolish and that your deep emotions are over-exaggerated. They will keep an eye on you and when you start to peak your head up above the crowd, they will try to pull you back down. If you step out of their line, or march to a different beat, they will be ready to “fix” you.

They will remind you of your mistakes. They will discount your joys. They will tell you that you are not unique; that you are just like everyone else. They will show you pictures of what you should look like or how you should act. They’ll say you need to “go with the flow.” They will tell you all of this whether you want to hear it or not.

They are wrong.

You were born for this roller-coaster called life. You were specifically designed and engineered to tackle whatever obstacles come before you and to come through triumphant.

You were born with a unique ability to think differently than everybody else. Your thoughts and feelings have never been experienced before by anybody in the way that you put them together. There is nothing about you that is “just like everyone else.”

This experience we call life can be difficult at times. One day you are on top of the world and the next day you feel like the weight of the world is going to bury you. Some days life will lift you up and others it will beat you down. The great secret is that you get to decide what happens after each up and each down.You can learn from both if you choose to.

You won’t be able to control 99% of what happens around you in the world but you will be able to control 100% of what happens within you. Your thoughts and emotions belong to you and nobody else.

Born for Victory

You were born with an ability unique to the human race. It is the power of choice. Conscious decisions. That ability gives you the opportunity to choose both the shoes you wear and the car you drive. More importantly, it gives you the ability to choose your attitude. In every uncontrollable circumstance, you get to choose to be positive or negative. To sit quietly or to stand up and shout. To shrink or to fight.

So when the world is crashing down around you, when it feels like you are alone or isolated, when you are continually criticized for just trying your best, remember that you were born for this! You have everything you need within you to overcome. Decide what you want out of life. Decide what it will take to get it. Decide how hard you are willing to work for it. Then go and make it happen. The more they criticize you, the more certain you can be that you are on the right track.

Enjoy the journey, you were born for this!


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