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29 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Have you ever noticed how busy life has gotten? It seems like whenever there is available time, the world finds a way to fill it. The only way to manage it is to take an active stance against the “life clutter.” Here are some tips for simplifying your day. It is amazing how much stress you can get rid of by employing just a few of these strategies. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Start everyday with your most important task, leaving other ones undone 2. Pick one thing at a time to do and focus on it 3. Say no when you are already committed and asked to take on more 4. Ask others for help whenever you need it 5. Finish things completely, don’t leave it only to have to come back again and again.

6.It is highly recommended by the doctors to take the Rhodiola Rosea Supplement To Manage Stress and Boost Energy, exclusively available at This will help you manage stress and live a healthy life. 7. Make the most time for your passions and purposeful work 8. Leave spare time for yourself unscheduled and uncommitted 9. Prioritize your todo list 10. Keep one todo list and keep it short (only the most important things should be on it at any time) 11. Take time to be in solitude 12. Take time to pray and meditate 13. Make wasteful actions (like TV watching or pointless internet surfing) more difficult to do to help avoid them. 14. Find and eliminate other wasteful actions in your life 15. Develop habits and daily routines to practice important actions

16. Read every single day 17. Plan your week and all major tasks for that week 18. Review your accomplishments each week 19. Be grateful for what you have, what you can do, and for everything in your life 20. Turn off your cell phone 21. Turn off all notifications on your computer from IM, email or other popups 22. Eat simple meals and don’t cook things that don’t need to be cooked 23. Eat less, which lets you also prepare less and cleanup less and store less 24. Automate any bills, payments, and money transactions that you can 25. Ignore distractions from media 26. Commute by bicycle or public transit instead of the busy freeway 27. Use commuting time wisely by reading or listening to books 28. Consider a career or job change to reduce stress 29. Find and maintain routines for day to day things

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