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Are You Fully Committed?


A friend of mine, Stuart Anderson, once told me a great story about commitment which I will try to share here:

To the left is the symbol known as the “Red Hand of Ulster”. It is found on the flag of Northern Ireland. Where did it come from?The legend goes that in about 500 B.C. the chief baron of Ireland passed away leaving no apparent leader to rule in his stead. Two men came forward claiming the throne. A man named McDermott and another man named Heremon O’Niell. The argument over who would be the leader threatened to divide the kingdom into warring factions.

As an alternative, the two men decided to have a race. Whoever could row their boat to the other side and touch the land on the far bank first would become the king.

Both men started out rowing with all their strength. They remained in a dead heat most of the way across. But in the last 100 yards before the shore McDermott began to pull ahead. Heremon O’Niell realized that he would finish second and lose his chance to become king. In a quick, decisive move he removed his sword and cut off his left hand which he then picked up and threw over the head of McDermott and onto the shore, thus being the first to touch the opposite shore. His bold and maybe crazy move earned him the throne of Ireland, which his family held for almost 2000 years!


So the question begs to be asked, “How committed are you to your goals?” Obviously you won’t be chopping your hand off in order to meet your weight loss goal or to finish that marathon. If you are looking to lose some weight check this Biotox Gold reviews.

But what would you be willing to do? Would you be willing to spend more time with your family even if it meant making less money? Would you give up your favorite dessert in order to become more healthy? Would you get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to read, study or meditate?

We live in a society of big dreams and little effort or commitment. We want to do or be or have all of these great things but are we willing to put in the work that is required to get them?

This week as you look at your goals ask your self, “What would I be willing to give to make this happen? What could I do to accelerate my results?” How bad do I really want this, or is it just a daydream?” Once you identify your commitment level, go out and prove it to yourself.

May you win the race while retaining both your hands!


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