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Friday Hypothetical #2: The Meteor


Another fun hypothetical dilemma from Chuck Klosterman’s game “Hypertheticals” which can be found HERE

Earth is about to be struck by an enormous meteor. Though no one knows exactly what will happen, most scientists assume life on Earth will be totally altered and potentially eliminated. Everyone on the planet is freaking out. Suddenly, you receive a bizarre e-mail: The government demands you must fly to Washington D.C., immediately, by order of the President. The e-mail message includes a first-class plane ticket.

Once you arrive at Dulles Airport, military police confiscate your cell phone and wordlessly transport you to a secret hangar that houses 10 massive space shuttles. You are escorted onto one of the ships.

Not counting the crew, there are 24 equally confused people waiting on board. You recognize a few of these people instantly: Bill Gates, the musician Prince, and Oprah Winfrey. When the individuals you don’t recognize begin talking and interacting with one another, it becomes clear that all of them are brilliant scientists, consequential artists, or extremely wealthy political figures.

The ship’s captain informs all of the passengers that the space shuttle will be leaving Earth in two hours. He does not say where it’s going, although he does insist that anyone who wants to remain on Earth is free to stay behind.

You are 90 percent certain you’ve been selected for this trip by mistake. Do you remain on board? And-if you do- how will you explain your presence to the other 24 passengers? You have no idea if admitting your true identity will disqualify you from traveling.

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