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You Are Built for a Journey

This has always been a favorite quote of mine. I think that at times we out a lot of effort into building the perfect ship so someday we can sail the open seas of life’s adventures. But instead of ever venturing out into the unknown, we stay safely in the harbor and keep decorating our ship.

In the end, we have a beautiful boat that we can point to and show off, but few stories or experiences of a life we’ll lived.

A ship kept safely in the harbor is no better than a pile of scrap wood floating in the harbor.

Are you overdecorating your ship or are you sailing out into the rich waters beyond the horizon? Even though the unknown is scary, that’s where all of your growth and joy will be found.

So what is keeping you in the harbor? What are you sacred of or worried about? I promise, whatever it is, you are already enough to overcome any obstacle. You just have to pull up the anchor and set your sails.



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